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Note: Sunday videos and Wednesday evening videos are converted and uploaded by Friday.
* (Note: HD is High Definition. We have changed all videos to HD. We will only be able to display only recent services because of file sizes.)

Note: When the video opens, you can play it or download it to your device for later by the following:
In the lower right corner of the video 3 dots
Again, in the lower right corner of the video Download

The Following Videos Are Pastor's Sermons With Full Church Service                          

  06-12-2024-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 06-12-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  06-09-2024-PM AM (Sunday Morning) 06-09-2024-AM-HD Sermon
  06-05-2024-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 06-05-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  06-02-2024-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 06-02-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-29-2024-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 05-29-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-26-2024-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 05-26-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-26-2024-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 05-26-2024-AM-HD Sermon
  05-22-2024-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 05-22-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-19-2024-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 05-19-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-19-2024-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 05-19-2024-AM-HD Sermon
  05-15-2024-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 05-15-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-12-2024-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 05-12-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-12-2024-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 05-12-2024-AM-HD Sermon
  05-08-2024-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 05-08-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-05-2024-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 05-05-2024-PM-HD Sermon
  05-05-2024-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 05-05-2024-AM-HD Sermon
  05-02-2024-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 05-02-2024-PM-HD Sermon

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."Mark 16:15 KJV

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