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Note: Sunday videos and Wednesday evening videos are converted and uploaded by Friday.
* (Note: HD is High Definition. We have changed all videos to HD. We will only be able to display one month because of file sizes.)

The Following Videos Are Pastor's Sermons With Full Church Service                          

  11-29-2023-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 11-29-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-26-2023-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 11-26-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-26-2023-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 11-26-2023-AM-HD Sermon
  11-22-2023-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 11-22-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-19-2023-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 11-19-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-19-2023-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 11-19-2023-AM-HD Sermon
  11-15-2023-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 11-15-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-12-2023-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 11-12-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-12-2023-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 11-12-2023-AM-HD Sermon
  11-08-2023-PM PM (Wedneday Evening) 11-08-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-05-2023-PM PM (Sunday Evening) 11-05-2023-PM-HD Sermon
  11-05-2023-AM AM (Sunday Morning) 11-05-2023-AM-HD Sermon
  11-01-2023-PM PM (Wednesday Evening) 11-01-2023-PM-HD Sermon

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."Mark 16:15 KJV

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